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This course provides a clear perception and hands-on knowledge about the top topic on Google Trends, Docker. The course discusses core concepts about containers, containerization of applications, hands-on knowledge about moving applications to Docker containers, and architecting highly available and scalable applications deployed on Dockers. We also talk about networking in Docker and finally setting up various user-facing applications hosted within containers.


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Our training methodologies promises to give the students hands on art enterprise skills to delve deeper into the technologies from a practical and enterprise point of view. Extreme Hands-on-Lab with a self doable on the fly practical based training approaches makes transformation of the student from a no vice to a  capable experienced cloud computing engineer. 

Enterprise Architect with huge experience on Private and Public Cloud Technologies. The trainers are advisors and members of larger Cloud Computing Forums and seasoned integrators of IT  technologies with more than 12+ years in global large enterprise giants.


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