Phew I don’t know coding. 5 tips for IT Engineers way forward to become a coder

We are on the verge of welcoming a new year again and there are immense fantastic things coming down in the pipeline of programming with the advancement of IT and increased automation as well as digitization of our own consumer world. There are so many technologies to learn and shift your career, I have listed 5 tips which is quintessential.

1) Decide your career path

  • Frontend Development – If you’ve selected front-end development, hone in on HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Don’t take these skills for granted. While they may seem simple at first glance, a strong knowledge of the foundations of web development will land you your first role as a Software Engineer. Most companies would prefer to see a candidate with strong “vanilla” skills than a pretty good understanding of a popular framework/library.
  • Backend Development – If you decide to go the back-end development route, try out a language like Python or Java. These are highly coveted skills in the tech industry. But do not get discouraged. You will have days where you feel utterly overwhelmed. Everyone began their journey where you did. It will get easier.

2) Find your method of learning – Humans learn in different ways. Some retain information best when they’re writing code. Others learn best by reading or watching videos. I prefer to watch online tutorials and read documentation in order to fill in the gaps. I’m not the kind of person who can just start a sandbox application and code away. I like to follow a guided tutorial and then expand upon the ideas. Find your method of learning. Try out different resources and training providers. Once you find your learning method, you’ll find that you learn much more efficiently.

3) Find your right mentor – If you are confused and not capable of taking a decision I would recommend to choose a mentor and I personally have referred Onlymentor platform to help me out.

4) Involve yourself with a Community – Most early coders do a great mistake keeping themselves away from online communities which is a great ocean of learning space from peer coders globally. I would recommend join these communities and learn to master.

5) Practical approach to learning with theory – To become an effective coder, you must understand the theory behind certain concepts (to a certain extent). For example, if you want to understand why a nested for loop is not giving as performance as two for-loops within the same scope, you need to understand Big-O notation & space time complexities. We live in an age where you don’t need a degree to succeed in the tech industry but you should understand the theory of why one set of solution is better than another one.

Your career will never follow the exact same pattern as another coder. You must never compare yourself to others. You are unique and the skills you offer will be tailored to you. Just because one of the industry leaders is learning GoLang doesn’t mean you have to follow suit. Find the skills that get you excited about programming, and learn them to the best of your abilities. There is no expected time-frame in regards to learning a technology. As I mentioned above, people learn by different methods, and as such people learn at different rates. Just because it takes you three months to learn AWS with python doesn’t mean you’re a worse developer than the guy who learned it in one month.

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