Different Types of DevOps Jobs

What is DevOps?

DevOps is a model where it lay the platform for the people to work as a single team rather traditional Silo Teams. DevOps Enables  a type of agile relationship between Development and IT Operations.

The primary goal of DevOps is to change and improve the relationship between these teams by enable better communication and collaboration.

                          DevOps vs SiloTeams


 DevOps Career ?

Whether you are fresher or experienced, If you are looking DevOps as a Career then you should start building your skillset on below technology streams.

It is not necessary to know all the above technologies, but your goal should be to up skill on all to become full stack DevOps Engineer from your experience you can start from right to left or vice versa on even from in between It is completely up to your choice based on your current comfort level.

Where to Start ?

There is a lot of confusion for learners about where to start, To be more precise below Mind Map will help you to start based on current experience or comfort level.For Experienced:

If you are already a professional in any of the above fields then obviously choose the stream where you are current strong and plan to up skill the peer streams which will give enough confidence to build your mindset to become DevOps Engineer.

For Freshers:

From your Academics choose where you are strong development / Non Development (But remember at some point you have to start coding to become full stack Devops Engineer), but to start your career you can choose non development stream (like AWS , Azure ) which at least give you enough confidence to start climbing your career ladder.

DevOps Jobs , Roles and Responsibilities?

Since the DevOps itself and very vast lot of people had a query about what kind of roles ,responsibilities and Opportunities (Jobs) they can get when started their ladder with DevOps, it is solely depend on organization , culture and their existing process. Now a days almost all companies are either started or adopting their DevOps journey so either as a Enterprise they will try to align with their existing standards for better visibility and integration if it is a kind of startup they will be little flexible on tools and standards otherwise almost all companies will have more or less same responsibilities but they may be adopting different tools sets as mentioned above.

Hope this post is helpful, for any queries you can contact us below.

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