Cloud Computing Jobs

Cloud Computing ?

From last half a decade I hear Cloud Computing word the most, But still I see there is a lot of confusion among professionals and freshers about

  • What is Cloud Computing ?
  • What Cloud Computing Consists of ?
  • Why we need to adopt Cloud Computing ?
  • How to start with Cloud Computing ?
  • When to use Cloud Computing ?
  • To whom we can suggest Cloud Computing ?

like this there may be plenty of other questions, which are pretty much ignored to address in todays market for layman audience. So let’s figure out and elaborate all of these queries.

What is Cloud Computing ?

Cloud Computing is under estimated a decade ago, which picked up a lot and set market of fire which leads even big technology companies like IBM, Oracle, Cisco and others are running behind it. To be precise Cloud Computing is shared model where end user can access resources from anywhere which he / she opted for, considering they have proper internet connectivity.

The word resources have lot of importance and in fact based on the type of resource type of Cloud Computing may vary like:

Instance  – IAAS

Google App Engine – PAAS

Salesforce – SAAS

Some times based on resources it will vary type of service which we opt in cloud computing like:

Database  – DBaaS (Database as a Service)

Monitoring – MaaS (Monitoring as a Service)

SDN (Software Defined Network)  – NaaS (Network as a Service)

SDS  (Software Defined Storage) – SaaS ( Storage as a Service)

Other times based on resources it will vary model of Cloud Computing like:

Internal cloud instance – Private Cloud

External cloud instance – Public Cloud

Combination of Resources (From Private and Public) – Hybrid Cloud

By this time I hope you understood Cloud Computing have many faces based on our adoption or consumption as shown in below picture:

What Cloud Computing Consists of ?

We should the difference between What is it ? and What is in it ? I can see many times people around us get confused between these two. To be clear we need to understand what actually cloud computing consists of as I stated above it is about resources.

Cloud Computing served by combination of resource, it can start with a resource or combination fo resources based on services which we need. like an instance, storage. network, application, database etc.;

Why we need to adopt Cloud Computing ?

To start with since it is a shared model costing would be the primary factor but not always like public cloud computing is not always cheaper for large organization because once the environment grows they may end up paying more money by which which they can manage their own datacenter with their own customized requirement here you can find case study

Still there is a lot of other factors to consider for most of the organization to adopt cloud.

If you look at most of the above mentioned concerns can be addressed by creating awareness or by upskill the staff by giving required trainings.

How to start with Cloud Computing ?

I will definitely encourage any technology to learn by start doing it with your own hands. In the contest register for AWS Free Tier or AZURE Free Tier which will give access for most required service to start with Cloud Computing If you looking for more realistic approach they you can upskill by registering here where you will get more real time hands on training with most experienced and real time mentors.

When to use Cloud Computing / To whom we can suggest Cloud Computing ?

When somebody is looking to go to market quickly with their product or if somebody want to reduce their total overall ownership and increase productivity and any other means Cloud Computing is best to use it.

It completely based on customer need, they may Individual service model like IaaS, PaaS, SaaS or Combination of service like mentioned in above picture.

Cloud Computing Jobs ?

There are tremendous opportunities are exists for those who are looking Cloud Computing as a career and at the same time there is a change in the skill’s needed by market. As I can see most of the Fortune 500 companies are getting into hybrid or heterogenous Cloud Computing mindset so definitely we need to be plan to adopt / choose multiple cloud computing vendors and start learning the same,  you can find here a quick reference of other possible opportunities

Hope this post helps you, for any queries you can contact us below.


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