How to Setup Billing Alarm in AWS

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How to Setup Billing Alarm in AWS

Monday, 31 July 2017 By Sravan Kumar E Category AWS

AWS Free Tier Account:

As we know Amazon provided great opportunity by providing Free Tier account for Tecno enthusiast / Freshers or in reality for any one who are trying to start their careers in to cloud world.

Free tier account really helps us to get our hands dirty, Below are the few services/resources which are highly useful while you are practicing

1) EC2       - 750 hours in a billing cycle (Monthly)
2) S3          - 5 GB
3) Lambda - 1 milling free requests
4) RDS       - 750 hours per month of db.t2.micro database usage (applicable DB engines)

Any many more, here you can find more details about Free tier

Why to setup Billing Alert?

Since many of us to try different services in different AWS regions, sometimes we may forgot to shutdown or delete resources which will leads to hit your limit on free tier, So once you hit your limit from there on Amazon will start billing for those resources we may realize that only when we get a bill. So these billing alerts will helps us to notify when the resource consumption is exceeding certain threshold which we set.

Setup Billing Allert:

Step 1: Once you login into AWS console, you can navigate your "My Account"or " "My Billing Dashboard" as below:

 Step 2: Navigate to "Preferences" Tab from the left column

             Enable "Receive Billing Alerts" option and then "Save preferences"

Step 3: You can choose "Manage Billing Alerts" option as below which will open new tab which leads to cloud watch service

Step 4: Under Billing --> You can create New Alarm 

Now you can define you alarm with the threshold you want to set like 10$ / 15 $ any value as              your wish to sped / Month and give your valid email address where you want to receive alert

Step 5: Once Create Alarm, You will get a notification to the given email ID as below:

            You can confirm your subscription by clicking on the link

Now you can Alarm configured and from now cloud watch is going your consumption in terms of billing and send you alert when you exceed the billing threshold.

From now you need to pay more money then what you set threshold.

Hopefully you enjoyed this post, Here is the relevant hands on video