A Recap of Cloud Computing 2018

2018: Cloud Computing showed its True Colors

Since Cloud Computing inception, the cloud industry had lot of up’s and down’s but 2018 will stand out among them due to high involvement of big companies either by acquisitions or by involving / supporting cloud related projects.

Cloud Initiatives:

By Looking at below cloud initiates trends in 2018, it clearly shows that organizations are started optimizing spends on their cloud either by adopting DevOps or by implementing new policies for governance so here there is a clear opportunity for anybody who is looking Cloud Computing or Devops and as Career

Even Enterprises also trying to limit their Public cloud Expansions, which means they might be focusing to bet on Private Cloud in that case legacy technologies and environments are going to stay for some more time by co-exists with latest Technologies. In that context definitely for anybody want to scale with this co-exist trend then definitely they have to ready for the same by upskilling required technologies.

Public Cloud Adoption:

Definitely AWS is leading in this space but not to forgot Azure is picking up it’s market share so definitely there will be a very tough competition among these two as a contenders.

By looking at running applications in public cloud trends definitely encouraging but we have to notice there are lot of other competitors got added in Public Cloud space which leads very good opportunities and at the same time there is a need to learn and adopt new technologies.

Private Cloud Adoption:

In Private Cloud Space definitely VMware is leading and by looking at Openstack adoption there seems to be good competition among them (Note: by considering Openstack is open source there is a plenty of opportunity to grow but considering lack of skill set and support it is not picking up as expected and by involving big companies there is a definite chance Openstack to rise.)

Not to forget Microsoft, considering their public cloud presence it is a serious contender for Private Cloud Space in coming years to laid path for real hybrid cloud possibilities/adoption and by looking at running application percentage on Private Cloud

Good News For Job Seekers

As we see Enterprise cloud Strategy their clear goal is Hybrid cloud i.e.; definitely as I mentioned in Cloud Computing Jobs post if you start learning multi cloud then definitely you will be with Enterprise a core Employee and still hybrid cloud strategy is going to be Top priority for Enterprises going forward.

And here is the Final scorecard between leading Public Cloud Vendors where it is going to be tough fight among them:

Some of below acquisitions will impact Hybrid Cloud journey which may change the fate / direction of cloud Computing in 2019.

  • IBM acquires RedHat
  • Broadcom acquires CA Technologies
  • Microsoft acquires GitHub
  • HPE acquires Plexxi

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