2018 in Review

The year 2018 is coming to an end. We want to thank our readers, customers, supporters, and partners. It was a pleasure to be part of an inspiring community.This is one of the best year we had in terms of no. of trainings delivered, no. of trainees placed in MNC’s , Workshops, Events and our new products launch.

We were proud to be invited to some of the prestigious universities and learning academies as JNTU’s,Chaitanya Bharati and IIITs for empowering the student’s career on Cloud computing and the future gen technologies and Our online presence in the global market was predominantly exciting and we would love to thank all of the international students and trainers who had chosen us as their catalysts.

Highest Paid Tech Jobs in 2018

Till mid of 2018 market was very good for IT job seekers, where most of the companies hired resources and even they paid very good CTC for leading Tech Jobs. But second half of 2018 was less enthusiastic for job seekers because of very minimal hiring from companies, most of these high paid jobs are mostly related either / manager or an architect other than DevOps Engineer which is having very good attraction from big companies but unfortunately there are a lack of skilled resources on DevOps which left still lot of positions are open.

Most of our trainees got hired by for these high tech jobs in large MNC’s as Deloitte, Infosys and HP.If anybody is looking into Devops as a career then you can fine more details here.As we mentioned in other post Cloud Computing and Devops will co-exists which will leave you an edge to be hired by any company who are looking for Devops Engineer jobs.

In 2018 big companies compete each other to hire talent for these high tech jobs and even in 2019 also these high tech jobs are going to have more demand. If you are in a verge of new year resolution to start this high tech / paid job to land into your dream company then here is the right place to start learning curve.

Trainings, Events and Workshops:

We conduct online and classroom trainings along with other Events and Workshops which helps job seekers find their purpose and land into their dream job or launch their dream business. Thank you Students , Professionals, Job Seekers for showing so much trust on us.

A Few facts and numbers for 2018:

  • 1000+ Sessions delivered
  • 1000+ Questions Published
  • 20+ Corporate Training Delivered
  • 100+ Video’s and articles Published
  • 100+ Trainees reached their Goals (Either found their dream job / Become and Entrepreneurs)
  • 10+ new courses launched

New Product Launch:

We have launched below products in 2018:

About OnlyMentor: With you can have your own and most importantly the complete one stop mentoring service from global class mentors.

About AARIOT: One Stop shop for all your IOT hardware and software requirements.

Thank’s to Customers and Partners for all your unconditional Support and Trust on us. We are looking forward to grow together.

We wish you a Happy New Year 2019

For any queries contact us below:

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